About Charbhai Bidi Works

Charbhai Bidi Works was the entrepreneurial venture of a renowned philanthropist businessman nearly 70 years ago with extensive exposure to every facet of the bidi and tobacco industry and is accredited with creating employment to over 38,000 individuals through his visionary endeavour. The steady growth of Charbhai Bidi Works has been solely due to Charbhai management's diehard determination to achieve overall success and contribute to the welfare of all its huge network of employees, while offering consumers the highest degree of satisfaction.

The superior product quality of our wide range of tobacco products and bidis has been the prime factor in bringing us exceptional renown in the industry and even after several decades of our presence, brand Charbhai stands tall and is acknowledged as a mascot of the Indian Bidi industry.

With firmly established sales networks across several regions of India, we have reached phenomenal success in the industry and are humbled by the huge consumer base across different social sectors of India. Providing livelihood to thousands of families employed in hand rolling and packing bidis, and also playing the role of a major consumer for tendu leaf and tobacco farmers we have earned commendable renown over many years.

Confronting several challenges both from the state and upmarket classes we have yet been able to withstand unspeakable pressures and continue with our pursuit of providing people with what they love. We firmly believe that our stature and success is the resultant of our obsession with quality which our consumers have always found consistent.

With a well spread presence across several regions of India, we have been consistently focusing on producing quality products and have a steady customer base of hundreds of thousands of consumers, who have been brand loyal for several decades.

We also have put in place several safety measures to ensure that our thousands of workers employed in the manufacturing process of bidis are given complete safety and security amidst appreciable working conditions, that are both comfortable and remunerative, which form a strong part of our employee welfare policies.

The globally altered perceptions towards tobacco use and the ever changing conditions of the tobacco markets have been well absorbed by Charbhai Group, and keeping in mind the same, we steadfastly move through our steady network of sales centres across AP, Telangana, Karnataka and Gujarat, aiming for uncompromising success