Charbhai Management

Charbhai core management consists of highly seasoned business professionals, entrepreneurs and philanthropists who envision an appropriate growth charter for both the company and our employees. Each member of the management has a well defined role with specific roles and responsibilities, which include Marketing, Finance, Administration, Employee Welfare, Operational Safety, Logistics, and Liaising. The steady performance of the company is the resultant of the excellent controls we have on the entire scale of operations using both traditional as well as contemporary business practices.

Due to the huge volume of rural and families from the lower economic strata involved in our operations, we have ensured that proper practices and procedures are firmly in place to prevent any victimization of the workers involved. Every manager and supervisor has precise duties, responsibilities and obligations towards both the workers and the management and have to adhere to strict operational procedures.

Charbhai management views its policies very carefully and subjects them to periodical review based on current social and state created conditions. This has been very effective as we have been able to achieve and sustain employee and consumer happiness for decades together.