Charbhai Bidi Works is one of the most foreknown Bidi and miscellaneous Tobacco products manufacturer with an established standing of over sixty years, offering a wide range of Bidis made and marketed in different types, forms and brand names.

We are the accredited manufacturers of various types of Hand Made Bidis under brand names Charbhai, Chartara, Prakash Special etc. These quality products are rolled with premium blended tobacco under optimal hygienic conditions and are processed through stringent quality standards. All these steps are carried out at each level to ensure the product is foolproof and assures complete consumer satisfaction...

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Charbhai core management consists of highly seasoned business professionals, entrepreneurs and philanthropists who envision an appropriate growth charter for both the company and our employees. Each member of the management has a well defined role with specific roles and responsibilities, which include Marketing, Finance, Administration, Employee Welfare, Operational Safety, Logistics, and Liaising. The steady performance of the company is the resultant of the excellent controls we have on the entire scale of operations using both traditional as well as contemporary business practices...


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